Especially in a country like Turkey, which is advantageous in terms of maritime transport, maritime transport has an important place in transportation due to its low cost compared to air and road transport. In addition to the low cost, the large transport volume also provides an advantage. It is also a more reliable type of logistics compared to air and road transport. A more reliable logistics service is offered since the problems that occur or may occur in airspaces or highway areas are not found in sea transportation. In addition, another advantage of maritime transport is that large tonnage such as ships or containers can be transported in one go.

As Skygo logistics, there is also import & export consolidation service among the services we provide in maritime transport. We deliver in one piece by combining products that will go to the same customer or region, regardless of intercity or local. Apart from this, we also provide full (FCL) or partial (LCL) container logistics services. Our services can be port-to-port or door-to-door. In addition, our company offers Cross-Trade transportation services. In addition, as Skygo logistics, we also provide combined transportation services with economic advantages for heavy transportation. In combined transportation, we aim to ensure that your cargo is transported quickly and reliably by transferring it to any of the other types of land or air transportation that will provide faster transportation other than seaway.

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